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Temporary International Workers in Quebec

If you’re planning to live in Quebec, be aware that employers based there will only hire international skilled workers on Temporary Work Permits who have a CAQ in addition to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The CAQ certifies that the Quebec Ministère d’Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion (MIDI) agrees with the idea that hiring an international worker will have a neutral or positive effect on the local labor market. Jobs in Quebec that last for 30 days or less don’t require a CAQ.

Occupations qualified for fast LMIA processing

In Quebec the facilitated LMIA process is focused on professions in high demand, and in industry sectors experiencing labor shortages. The greatest needs are for professional, technical and managerial occupations.

When using the facilitated LMIA process, employers aren’t required to show proof of recruitment efforts. Also, transition plans are only required on the second LMIA application for the same occupation.

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