Collective Impact Design Strategies


In order to maintain, and create, long term goals that can sustain commitment, measurement, action, and the perfect amount of follow through, we have to be dedicated with a capacity to learn and adapt to changing conditions. It is far too common for those who focus on strategic planning and change to develop a well thought out plan that seems to fall apart under certain unforeseen circumstances.


Using innovative techniques, XENOOM Collaborative helps networks and organizations see the system by creating positive change for goals in a way that motivates people from this system to drive change. We allow for a transformation of solutions to rise up through our methods as we help our clients understand the connection of their individual challenges and issues while helping them engage them skillfully, then moving the groups further with ultimate goals. .

Offering a wide range of services, organizations and large networks are able to achieve, organize, and strive forward for their goals by:

* Taking complex complications and creating clarity to the solutions that are required for the implement of change while framing strategic questions to inspire strong inquiry for the answers.

* Mapping out procedures to addressing shareholders across an organization/system so that the individual voices can be heard so a new can arise.

*Generating a common passion among a group setting that motivates and inspires passion while pushing the group to work for a common purpose which would generate vision and compelling goals.

* Revealing to people by surveys and maps to connect the larger whole to their work in order to create a path of alignment on the way.

* Measuring and coordinating combined work with the use of a collective, analyzed data to inform a sound strategy.

* Governing, and supporting networks of organizations create support for on going team work, face-to-face and over the internet.

* Causing reflective learning to amplify work effort, outward source learning, and adjusting to change