Leadership Skills That Aid in Collaboration


In order to collaborate leaderships, XENOOM extends their experience to train and coach in building capacity of people to work in networked ways to create progress on in-depth challenges. Enforcing large scale change, we invent new focus shifts in order to form sustainability on the economy.

Leaders are guided as they charter new territories by:

* Identifying a purpose among the network, and clarifying the strategy best suited to navigate the change for it.

* Focusing, and Creating new Ideas/Goals

* Building Structures that support great heights of organizing and collaboration for impact.

* Setting a growth of boundaries, innovation, and disciplines while learning together at a scaled system.

* Utilizing the information gained of the whole system to discover, and implement the wisdom and resources within.

* Governing, and supporting networks of organizations create support for on going team work, face-to-face and over the internet.

* Causing reflective learning to amplify work effort, outward source learning, and adjusting to change

Through several methods, we are able to build Leadership skills:

One-on-One Coaching

We coach the leaders of social change helping them work on their collaborative leadership in order to implement the skills learned towards challenges standing before them. We aid them in finding the proper strategic focus, wisdom, and designs for creating dynamic changes. We supply this method via in person or over the phone if needed.

Multi-Day/Half-day Workshops

We focus on creating understanding and skills for maintaining a working network-enhanced system. Many key skills are taught and introduced among our reflective conversations that address, and implement system changes and strategy.

Reflective Retreats

Working on leadership day-to-day, we have created a work space that enables learning, clarity, and reflection while encouraging new ideas to form. These retreats strengthen and support relationships and networks while pushing them to their ultimate goal.