Organized Meetings That Bring Energetic Results


As most meetings by nature only address matters at hand ignoring what the whole of the group can offer rather than an individual, not many realize that the combination of many different peoples experiences, knowledge, and ideas can be sown into one great formidable think tank.

Rather than focusing on the traditional meeting formats, XENOOM Collaborative creates and enforces a deeper level of energizing experience that inspires and allows for high levels of interaction among its participants. Enabling more than solutions, diversity becomes an appropriate factor in these innovative meetings. Keeping the whole of the group attuned to the unique context emerging needs that can arise from trusting the wisdom of the room, we also allow for the spaces to be filled in with voices normally not heard from voices in traditional settings allowing a navigation through conflict while creating transforming solutions.

Deriving from innovative techniques, involving strategic questionings and brainstorming tools, our meeting design focuses on strengthening and understanding networks.