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Quebec Investor Visa

Quebec Business Immigration & Investor Visa

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa program allows international investors to become permanent Canadian residents. The Quebec Investor Visa program requires that the applicant make a low-risk investment of CAD $800,000. It’s important to note that the program qualifications are expected to change this year.

Benefits of the Quebec Investor program

No-risk investment, guaranteed by the Quebec government, returned in full after 5 years

Passive investment, no need for any management role

All immediate family members of the applicant are included in the visa application

All the benefits of permanent resident status in Canada, including universal health care and free education


The applicant must have at least CAD $800,000 in assets, and must have significant business ownership or management experience, pass security and medical checks and also meet certain other requirements. To learn whether you qualify for the Quebec Investor program, contact Xenoom today.

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