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Most Canadian work permits require the employer to have a LMIA, formerly called a Labour Market Opinion (LMO), in order hire an international worker.

The LMIA is a labor market survey process. It’s used by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to verify the offer of employment to ensure that the international worker won’t have a negative impact on Canada’s labor market.

Employers are asked to provide information about the job for which they want to hire an international worker. The information includes the number of Canadians who applied for that particular position, the number of Canadians who were interviewed, and explanations for why the Canadian workers weren’t hired.

If you’re a highly-qualified specialist seeking work at a high salary in any major Canadian city, you’ll probably receive a favorable LMIA. And, in less populated cities and regions, it’s even easier to obtain a positive LMIA.

Work Permits based on LMIA

Usually, international workers and employers go through a two-step process for a Canadian work permit. First, the worker applies to ESDC for a Labor Market Impact Assessment. Then, the worker applies for the actual Work Permit directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The LMIA is issued by ESDC, and they authorize the Canadian employer to hire you as an international worker.

Xenoom specialists can help you explore options for obtaining the right LMIA to qualify for a Canadian visa.