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International Education Partnership Programs


verseas Joint & Accredited University/College
Xenoom is offering partnership with foreign institutions for the delivery of collaborative, linked programs. These programs give students new opportunities to complete part of a program in their home countries and / or to have a clearly defined pathway to study at a overseas institution. International accreditation & articulation agreements allow students in partner institutions to partially complete Programs in a foreign country and the 2nd part of the program, by physically being in respective country.

Government Consultation

Xenoom has worked with national and regional governments to create and implement highly successful immigration programs and services. Our 30+ years of experience and connections extend across Canada, the United States, India, China and Asia.

International business development & corporate services

Xenoom is the immigration consultancy often chosen by entrepreneurs and investors seeking the best package of permanent residence and citizenship benefits together with international opportunities for business development. We provide a full range of business services from incorporation to operating management.

Market intelligence & analysis

Incorporation & business filings

Investment & financing

Management advice

Marketing & public relations

Franchising & distribution


Travel, transportation & logistics

Business introductions & social networking

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