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Global Talent Stream

If you’re a skilled worker in certain professions, the Global Talent Stream program may let you obtain a work permit within two weeks of applying. The Global Talent Stream is a central part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

This program encourages growth and innovation by ensuring Canadian companies quick access to highly skilled external talent. Most important for immigrants with professional skills, this program sets a two-week standard turnaround time for processing work permit applications and temporary resident visas, if applicable. The Global Talent Stream program has two categories.

Category A

High-growth companies that can show a need to recruit specialized talent from outside Canada. Category A employers must commit to creating jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, whether directly or indirectly. Employers in this category must be referred to the Global Talent Stream by an approved referral partner.

Category B

Employers looking to hire highly skilled workers for certain occupations for which there aren’t enough Canadian workers. Category B employers must commit to investing in skills and training for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

If you’re planning to live in Quebec, be aware that employers based there will only hire international skilled workers on Temporary Work Permits who have a CAQ in addition to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The CAQ certifies that the Quebec Ministère d’Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion (MIDI) agrees with the idea that hiring an international worker will have a neutral or positive effect on the local labor market. Jobs in Quebec that last for 30 days or less don’t require a CAQ.

Work Permit Exemptions

Under the Global Talent Stream, two new categories of workers are exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit. Workers with certain specialized skills may enter Canada to work for 15 days in a six-month period, or for 30 days in a 12-month period, without any work permit. Also, researchers working on projects at publicly-funded, degree-granting institution may come to Canada for 120 days in a 12-month period without a work permit.

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